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Solar Lantern Emergency Light (PAKIZA)

<p>Rechargeable, Portable - Travel Camping Lantern 5 hrs Lantern Emergency Light</p> <ul> <li>Rechargable Solar Lantern</li> <li>Suitable for Outdoor</li> <li>Also Used for interior decoration</li> <li>Solar powered and rechargeable emergency light with bright LEDs to offer you bright light &nbsp;and ideally serves the purpose when needed like travel, camping, power failure at home. Strong build of solar lantern using plastic material and effectively the solar-powered emergency light gives 360 degree light output and lumens the entire area around. Ultra bright rechargeable LED solar lantern with 7 step rotary switch to control the light- flowing from dim to brightest point. Adjust the light of solar lantern according to your need which effectively increases the battery backup. Solar panel used in solar lantern is of so as to gain charge in cloudy weather also and effectively helping battery to recharge. Charging indicator LED depicts when solar lantern is being charged <strong>either by solar panel </strong>or <strong>USB pin charger</strong>.</li> </ul> <p><br></p>