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Solar L E D Light With Remote Control

<p>This L E D light is with unique feature and can be used with remote. It is very suitable for your Entrance Gate where you really need a security light. &nbsp;It can also be used places like garage, Porch, Garden and other outdoor public places.</p> <p>This Solar light has built in 18650 lithium rechareable battery of 1200 mAh. It is just needed to place/fix the Solar panel facing the direct sunlight during day time.</p> <p>The most advantageous feature is no Electricity Cost, eco friendly , energy saving and with No pollution.</p> <p>Press the On/Off button on the back of the solar panel to start the lighting system.</p> <p>Charging Time : 06 to 08 hours</p> <p>Number of LEDs: 63 SMD/63</p> <p>Solar Panel: 5.5V/1.5W</p> <p>Product Size &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;: 19.5 cm*10 cm*9.5 cm</p> <p>Material : ABS Plastics , &nbsp;IP grade : IP 65</p> <p>Illumination Range : Approximately 25 meters</p>