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Cleaning Gel Ad net

<ul> <li>The Superfine fiber cloth was made with special special High Technology Process. 100% compatible with all kind of screens</li> <li>Special Liquid Cleaner for Crystal Screen or CD/DVD LCD Screen Cleaning : Can be used to clean the TFT Display Screen, Notebook Screen, PDA Screen, Printer Screen, &amp; CD/DVD Safely.</li> <li>There will be no Scratch or track Left &amp; do not hurt the screen coat. Cleans Flat/ Normal Screen TV, Laptop Screen, PC Monitor, CD/DVD etc This LCD Cleaning Kit cleans Messy Finger Prints, Dirt and Dust, Stains etc.</li> <li>Components: Non-alcoholic Organic Gel, Micro Fibre cloth ,Keep Clean your Laptop Screen, LCD Screen and Enjoy your work</li> </ul>